PJ Macklin


Percolator Final Show Poster

This show happened to be both the 10th anniversary of The Nothingheads and the final show of the original lineup of Percolator. I thought of cascading events, and the image of a jacob's ladder came to mind. This is the result.

Percolator Final Show Poster

Illustrative Icon Set

These icons were originally created to add personality to an otherwise templated site. Unfortunately, they were rejected in favor of photography. This turned out to be a set of about 25 icons. I worked collaboratively with Kyle Crumrine to round out the set. This is my contribution.

Illustrative Icon Set

Eldercare Solutions

A website for a geriatric care company in Naperville, IL. Site visitors are often caregivers seeking answers at anywhere at any time of day. Media queries were used to ensure a consistent experience across devices.

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Eldercare Solutions

… and the Curse of the Frozen Hair

I was commissioned to do the artwork for a friend's Halloween inspired musical project. It's about a future that includes government-prescribed psychologists, and a strange curse that involves, well, frozen hair. And it ends up in outer space. This is the album cover!

… and the Curse of the Frozen Hair

Percolator – Moon Tongue

Apparently I like to draw things in outer space. This started off as a weird notebook sketch and ended as a 3-color screen print. I drew it using a Wacom Bamboo tablet on my computer. My favorite part is the typography. This is my most popular Dribbble shot to date.

Percolator Moon Tongue

Short Story Volley

A writer friend and I started a project in which he'd produce a story, I'd produce an image based on it, he'd produce a story based on the illustration…and so on. It was a lot of fun. These two images are the result of a portion of the project. It reflects different perspectives on the same night.

At The Bar


Last year, I made a couple of mixes for some friends. I was way too lazy to gather jewel cases, and it's tough to find a marker that can write on a CD-R. Plus, what happens when you dropbox it? My solution was to create tracklist pages. Especially fun because I got to play around with TypeKit options!

Sabrina's Mix Fleetwood Mac Mix

Percolator – Beat Kitchen

My band played at the Beat Kitchen, so I came up with this idea right before I fell asleep.

Percolator at the Beat Kitchen

Percolator – Disco Ball

Poster for a show that never actually happened.

Percolator Disco

Percolator – Ghost Town

Three-color screen print. Scanned in from inked drawings.

Percolator Ghost Town

Percolator – Fire Ant

Three-color screen print. Also scanned in from inked drawings.

Percolator FireAnt

Percolator – Miner's Treat

Four-color screen print. Vector drawings used here.

Percolator Miners Treat